Bear Hunting


Bear Hunting is the most accurate bear hunting simulation game on the internet. Starting out, you can choose to participate in either a fall hunt or a winter hunt. Next, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of stages and choose appropriate¬†camouflage. The first stages have younger bears that are more likely to come out and “play”, while the later stages have bears that are, well, smarter than your average bear. You’ll be given a rifle that is fully equipped with Trijicon Aiming Solutions to ensure accuracy. With that done, you’re ready to hunt some monster grizzlies!

Be patient as it may take the bears some time to make their way into your line of sight. Make sure to use your calls, map, and binoculars to draw them out and get a better shot off. Bear Hunting is one of the best free hunting games for the avid hunter stuck at home… it doesn’t get any closer to reality than this.


  • Call: left click on the “call” button located on the menu bar at the bottom of the game screen, each button will let out a different call, so make sure to use both.
  • Aim: left click on the “raise” button with your mouse. This will pull up your scope and allow you to aim at your target using your mouse.
  • Shoot: after raising your gun, left click on your mouse to fire off a shot.
  • Map: left click on the “map” button with your mouse to pull out your map and get an idea of your surroundings.
  • Binoculars: left click on the “binoculars” button to grab your binoculars and get a closer look at your target.

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Tags: black bears, brown bears, realistic, Shooter, simulation



  1. jackson

    i want to play

    • a boy

      soooo awesome i wanna play all the time


  2. 2010-08-16

    awesome game


  3. 2010-08-16

    than play


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