Deer Hunting


Deer Hunting is one of the most lifelike free deer hunting games available on the web. This game is presented to you by ESPN Outdoors, and fine tuned with Trijicon Brilliant Aiming Solutions, so you know it’s good. Start by typing in your name to make sure you are properly credited with your achievements. Two different modes are available: Fall Hunt and Winter Hunt. You can participate in either depending on your preference. You’ll be given a quick breakdown of the guns available, and a detailed look at the features of your scope. After you’re briefed on your equipment it’s off to the great outdoors!

Move your mouse to the Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern sides of the screen to change your view. Don’t forget to utilize not only your gun, but also the various tools you have available, including: binoculars, calls, rattles, and (of course) the map. The deers may not be as keen to you firing shots at them as you might like, so remain patient while waiting for them to make their presence known. Deer Hunting is one of the most popular, accurate, and realistic free hunting games around. Prove your worth and you’ll go home with a trophy as a testament to your skills!


  • Aim: click the “raise” button on your menu bar to prepare for a shot. Move your mouse to aim your cross hairs at the deer you are targeting.
  • Shoot: with your gun raised, left click on your target with your mouse to fire a shot at it.
  • Call: click on the “call” button on the menu bar located towards the bottom of the screen. This will let out a call to any deer in the proximity.
  • Rattle: click the “rattle” button on the menu to help attract nearby deer.
  • Binoculars: click the “binoculars” button on the menu bar to zoom in on your surroundings.
  • Map: click the “map” button on the menu to get an overhead view of your location.

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    i like to hunt


    Awesome games.


  3. 2011-04-18

    hunting is fun

  4. addison

    this game is the best


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    love this game


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